Banks History

"Deka Bank" OJSC was established in 1989 as the first private bank in Azerbaijan. In soviet times, serving as a cooperative bank, "Deka-Bank" for 27 years successfully continues its activities.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in  9 december 1992 as a commercial bank "Deka-Bank"   updated in all types of banking operations under license of the (the Bank) Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan, has issued a license to provide banking services to individuals and legal entities, lot no. 68. So, now the Bank credit, deposits, plastic cards, clearing operations, providing services to the population of a country.

"Deka Bank"  is a member of Baku Interbank Currency Exchange since 1996.

Since 2001, "Deka Bank" CB  passed to the World Interbank Financial Telecommunication System (S.W.i.f.t.-dekbaz22)  and has expanded transaction services and currency payments anywhere in the world. One important point should also be noted that the SWIFT system is the most rapid data transmission system. If the bank has correspondent accounts in some information can be passed within 15-20 seconds of each other. Payment is conducted through the accounts.

As of 2002, the bank was connected to AZIPS systems. The meaning is Clearing System of Small Payments. This system is used in the domestic transactions to the amount of 40 000 azn.

Since 2003, the bank is a member of the MIGOM money transfer system. MIGOM system in the short term (10 mins) cash payments to (type of currency the Banks from the CIS states: USD, RUR and accept the currency for cash transfers to these countries.

In march 2003 the Bank became the agent bank of the  National Fund for Entrepreneurship Support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Azerbaijan Republic.

 Since 2004, the Bank started operations with local plastic cards.

In 2004 "Deka bank" Limited Liability Commercial Bank  changing the legal form to the Open Joint Stock Company . So, "Dekabank" OJSC began operating with new legal status.

Since 2005, the Bank is a member of "Western Union" International Money Transfer System. With this system you can transfer money to any part of the world, regardless of the distance at any moment.

Since 2007 joined the International System of Money Transfers "Bistraya Pochta". Bank money funds transfer system tariffs for different types of entry allows selection to our customers. Commission paid by the person who sent the cost of money.

Since 2007 is a member of the Deposit Insurance Fund. "Deka Bank"CB JSC  implements customers placed deposits under the terms of the deposit insurance law "On Deposit Insurance"

"Deka Bank" CB received payments for public utilities, has increased the range of banking services to the population since 2008, carrying out activities of social orientation.

In 2008, the Bank for the categories used effectively - letters of credit for the "SUCCESS" award is the unforgettable pages of our history.

Since 2009, audit conducted in accordance with international accounting standards. Bank activity audit impemented by the International Audit company ,RSM Capital Carden.

In 2009 we bring our customers one more money transfer service system - "PRIVAT MONEY"

Our Bank has extensive correspondent contacts with leading banks of Azerbaijan, and European bank of CIS. In the near future to increase the number of correspondent accounts in banks, especially American (the United States) planned to open a account.

"Deka Bank" OJSC gives banking services to the local citizens like loans, deposits, plastic cards, clearing operations.

As one of the main directions of our activity in our Country to participate in the production of agricultural products, to help to ensure the needs of the majority on lending to small and medium-sized businesses, population engaged in all kinds of consumer loans. "Deka Bank" CB JSC lending to entrepreneurs from the funds of the National Fund for entrepreneurship Support fund has allocated a loan of 8,5 million manat to 220 entrepreneurs in 20 regions so far as the agents involved in entrepreneurship. In expense of  additional resources the Bank gets through to the population and working in different areas and made loans to entrepreneurs.  A total of 55 % of credit investments fall to the share of enterprises, 45% - individuals. 95% of trade and services directed loans to the private sector and 5% in the agricultural institutions. For example, last year, the bank has achieved major source of income from interest income was 81% and 19% in service charges consisting.

"Deka Bank" OJSC as a result of the activities stood one of the leading banks of Azerbaijanof and banking market in more than 20 years, gradually strengthened and technical and financial foundation.

The bank has a stable customer base. Among the businesses operating in various sectors, agriculture, printing services, a leading car manufacturer of industrial (butter, ice cream, detergent, etc) distributors, , travel, construction, transport, communications companies, research institutions, BEHM plant and other large companies.

Including the central office of the bank in Baku through a network of 7 branches operating in the different regions of our country.